Precautions for the use of woodworking routers

1. Choose suitable tools according to different processing materials. Under normal circumstances, the tools rotate clockwise;

2. The high-precision jacket must be selected. If there is wear or other conditions that cannot meet the configuration requirements, it must be replaced immediately.

3. When clamping the tool, pay attention to avoid slag inclusion and the clamping depth must meet the requirements. For example, the clamping depth of 1/2 handle (12.7mm) should reach 24mm to ensure its proper bearing capacity. Generally, the depth of the chuck shank must be 4/5 or more than the length of the tool shank.

4. Choose the matching speed and pushing speed according to the size and processing volume of the tool, and keep a constant speed and do not stop during the cutting process.

5. Replace the tool in time after passivation.

6. When operating and processing, users should pay attention to safety protection. -This article is from Lubanyuan Furniture and Building Materials Network, please keep the original link for reprinting: