Basic knowledge of woodworking routers

1 Engraving and milling cutter: abbreviated as a small gong cutter, mainly used in furniture production, a kind of shank cutter used in the production of some patterns that cannot be produced by large machines and small batch production.

2. Engraving and milling cutter composition: Shank diameter * blade diameter, the shank generally has 1/2 and 1/4 shanks; there are also metric shanks 6mm and 12mm.

3. Machines used: It is mostly used for floor engraving (handle down, counterclockwise rotation), hanging router (handle up, clockwise rotation), portable engraving machine, trimming machine and computer engraving machine CNC Machining center, etc. The machine speed has reached tens of thousands of revolutions per minute.

4. Classification of router cutters: According to the processing method, it can be divided into two types: with bearing and without bearing. The bearing is equivalent to a rotating master that restricts cutting. Due to its limitation, the cutting edges on both sides of the gong knife rely on it for trimming. Knives without bearings generally have a cutting edge at the bottom, which can be used to cut and engrave patterns in the middle of wood, so they are also called carving knives. The so-called welded cemented carbide woodworking router is to weld cemented carbide material cutter teeth (blade) on the cutter head of the router, and the cutter body is mostly alloy steel. Welded carbide routers have been popular in the market for many years, and their market share ranks first among tools. Its processing technology has matured and formed a set of processing standards. There are hundreds of choices for the hardness of the cemented carbide material on the router head. Generally, the tool processing plants try to choose the cemented carbide material with the best wear resistance and impact resistance and adapt to a variety of processing conditions to make the carbide router Milling cutter. -This article is from Lubanyuan Furniture and Building Materials Network, please keep the original link for reprinting: